Control Methods vs Legislation | Crows



Control method -no permits required

Control method – permits required

Contact person

Cape Nature

Shooting during daylight hours for landowner, Hunting license and written approval if not the owner. All non-lethal methods.


Contact nearest CapeNature office for assistance.

KZN Wildlife
(Black crows & Pied crows)

In terms of the Ordinance, Black & Pied crows are “unprotected wild birds”

Contact your District Conservation Officer (DCO) who will advise and assist if necessary. 

KZN Centralised permit application
Sharron Hughes (033) 8451968 /
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Permits are then sent to appropriate

DCO to undertake the inspection
In the case of DCA, it is better to contact the DCO directly as generally permits are not required – and prompt action is. If this DCA is an emergency, the land owner can act immediately and contact his/her DCO thereafter (within 24hrs). The DCO will undertake the necessary field inspection and approve the permit post facto.


DETEA – Free State Province

Shooting, call and shoot, shoot over
decoy. Non-landowners need written permission from landowners.