Legal use of poison control

Questions posed to Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn regarding the legal aspects of poison control for vermin:

  1. The use of registered poison for vermin control

The poison collar, containing compound 1080 is the only chemical that is registered and currently available and supplied by Eddie Steenkamp.  Although the coyote getter (gifskieter) is also considered legal (with sodium cyanide) it is currently not available and farmers would have to undergo training and certification when it becomes available. Any other use of 1080 or sodium cyanide is illegal.

  1. The use of unregistered poison for vermin control, i.e. METHOMYL and CURATERR (active is carbonate)

The use of any pesticides like carbofuran, aldicarb or methomyl (all carbamates) is illegal not only according to the conservation legislation but also according to Act 36 of 1947. It is also all captured in the best practices document.