Fencing and Kraaling

Fencing and Kraaling (2)

Fencing and Kraaling

Jackal-proof fencing and kraaling

New life for jackal-proof fencing

Swithan Webster, a livestock farmer from Queenstown, convinced BKB to supply sheep farmers with jackal-proof fencing at great discounts. This gave jackal-proof fencing a new lease on life and many farmers started fencing again. Fact is, if jackal and company cannot get access to the farm, they cannot get access to free lamb chops.

A livestock farmer without a proper predator-proof fence is like a man fighting a Karoo drought – you simply won’t win the battle. Some farmers are also keen on electric fences, but it may result in marjor losses of tortoises and pangolins. Small, moveable camps with electric fences work well in areas where the stocking rate is very high and sheep farming is more intensive.

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