Monthly Newsletters

May 2016

Newsletter containing information on a University of Pretoria student who is currently doing a study on the use of livestock guarding animals on farms in South Africa ; another article on scab infected Jackal which seems widespread in South Africa ; good attendance at the East Cape PMF meeting and vultures as problem animals for livestock.  Read here.

April 2016

Newsletter containing announcement by The Co-Op, Humansdorp of cheaper fencing, clarity on research by Prof. Graham Kerley that Jackal can persist despite control efforts, NWGA National Congress focuses on predation and information relating to request by Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn regarding the possiblity of scab infected Jackal. Read here.

March 2016

Newsletter containing articles about the long awaited Scientific Assessment that is due to commence, Predation Management Information Centre (PMIC) was high on the agenda of the PMF Steering Committee meeting ; how does a person go about catching a Lynx in the Overberg ; a warning from Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn that Poison 1080 is not necessarily legal ; Anatolian sheepdogs for farmers in KZN, the accreditation of predation management training and finally, how AGRI ALERT can be used to combat predators and stock theft. Read here.

February 2016

Newsletter containing articles relating to the Integrated Predation Management Training Programme of Niel Viljoen, with statistics dating back to 2007, Research paper by the NMMU highlighting the importance of understanding carnivore management efforts in reserves and farms ; requesting feedback on the occurrence of "Brandsiek jakkalse" as well as progress on the DEA's national training accreditation system.  Read here.

January 2016

Newsletter containing articles relating to a study on predation in the Wildlife industry by the Free State University ; radio interview by HO de Waal on the effect of predators in the red meat industry, how to trap an old, single, brown male hyena who caused havoc in the Free State and a request by the PMF to all national and local suppliers of wire netting to consider initiatives whereby farmers can be assisted with affordable fencing to curb predators.  Read here.



December 2015

Newsletter containing articles on how to use peanut butter should you experience a rat plague, study by the University of Free State on predation in the Wildlife Industry and a word of welcome to the new CEO of WRSA.  Read here.

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