Monthly Newsletters

December 2015

Newsletter containing articles on how to use peanut butter should you experience a rat plague, study by the University of Free State on predation in the Wildlife Industry and a word of welcome to the new CEO of WRSA.  Read here.

November 2015

Newsletter containing articles on collaboration needed to manage predators, how to protect game against Jackal, call for tenders for Predator Information Centre and what the functions of such an Info Centre would entail.  Read here

September 2015

Newsletter containing articles relating to Guillau du Toit's election as new chairman for Predation Forum, plea for tortoise skeletal material, increase of illegal poisoning of wildlife, Paper by Jurie du Plessis, Nico Avenant and HO De Waal on "Quality and quantity of the scientific information available on black-backed jackal and caracal:  contributing to human-predator conflict management?, Predator training in Burgersdorp and reply from DEA Director-general on the ineffective system of permit issuing.  Read here.

October 2015

Newsletter containing articles on how to manage baboons, Predators:  management, balance and conservation, fencing specifications int he Northern Cape, electrification of fences - a good option for predator control, Woolworths interest towards PMF activities and Niel Viljoen's statistics on the cost benefit of predation management.  Read here.

August 2015

Newsletter containing articles on Top honour granted to zoologist Graham Kerley, DVD on practical advice regarding problem animal control, ineffective permit issuing between provincial conservation departments and the NSPCA about illegal hunting with dogs.  Read here.

June 2015

Newsletter containing articles relating to the Role of livestock guard dogs in predator control on Namibian farmlands, positive feedback on predator course by Niel Viljoen, article on the toolbox of control methods, success with electrical fencing and how to use dog hunting packs in the Eastern Cape.  Read here.

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