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May 2020

Joseph Steyn, Prins Albert expresses his viewpoint that centuries-old "toolbox" of methods with which problem animals are controlled, requires a total reform, as the farming scene has changed radically.  

Prof. Brian Reilly of the Tshwane University reviewed Livestock predation in SA :  a scientific assessment. 

Predation Management Centre (PMC) has sourced several studies completed over the past ten years on predators and / or predation management. 

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April 2020

PMSA strives to look after livestock producers by establishing a well-trained professional national platform, which promotes SAQA accredited problem animal management specialists. 

From Niel Viljoen's latest report, it is evident that monitor farms are good predation management tools. 

Thank you AgriSETA for supporting the extensive predation training programme of the NWGA. 

Article by Dr. Gerhard Verdoorn, Griffon Poison Information Centre referring to incidents of crows being poisoned by pesticides and the impact on biosecurity. 

Predation Management Centre (PMC) uploaded a video covering the conflict between humans and dingoes in Australia, a conflict not much different between humans and black-backed jackals in South Africa. 

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March 2020

Article by Predation Specialist Niel Viljoen on the importance of maintaining all levels of biosecurity.  Letter of gratitude by Craffert farming enterprise in Utrect, KwaZulu Natal towards Niel Viljoen for managing their monitor farm for the past 11 years. 

Notification that the draft Norms and Standards will be regarded as guidelines, rather than legislation. 

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February 2020

Reviewer Prof. Brian Reilly speaks positively on the PredSA publication that was released in 2018. 

Dissecting of the Scientific Assessment with the focus on chapter 8, ROLE OF MESOPREDATORS IN ECOSYSTEMS. 

Some news from the desk of the Predation Management Centre (PMC), making reference to information leaflet on control of Black-backed Jackal.  

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January 2020

The January newsletter gives a written account on predation training, taken from the 2018/19 annual report of the NWGA.  It further dissects the Scientific Assessment and focuses on chapter 7, BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY OF BLACK-BACKED JACKAL AND CARACAL. 

Some news from the desk of the Predation Management Centre (PMC). 

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December 2019

The Predation Management Forum Secretariat wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Readers are promoted to visit the PMF website to view a management programme for the control of Jackal. 

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