Monthly Newsletters

June 2017

This newsletter contains snippets of news that speaks of good collaborations in the Eastern Cape, SETA accreditation requirements necessary for night shooting, progress of Scientific Assessment, launch of Niel Viljoen's website, progress on the Predation Management Information Centre (PMIC) and a PhD opportunity in southern Free State.  Read here.

April 2017

This newsletter contains snippets of news relating to progress with the Scientific Assessment,  dangers of power lines and vultures and the outcome of predation management information day held in Queenstown.  Read here.

March 2017

This newsletter contains information whereby the Predation Management Information Centre (PMIC) are announced to be operational ; PMF declaration rejecting the inhumane treatment of animals as well as an article by Agri Eastern Cape on stray dogs in municipal areas.  Read here.

February 2017

This newsletter contains articles relating to a NWGA / Queenstown Predation Management Information Day to be held on 16 March 2017, Agri SA legal advisor elaborates on what the law says in terms of hunting with dogs and a request for urgent participation by the public to provide input regarding a management plan for SKA. Read here.

December 2016

This newsletter contains articles pertaining to progress with the Scientific Assessment on livestock predation in SA, also known as PredSA ; a list of predation research projects managed by the Red Meat Research and Development Trust (RMRD) as well as an overview by Agri SA's legal and policy spokesperson on what the law prescribes when hunting with dogs.  Read here

November 2016

This newsletter contains an article which portrays good cooperation between roleplayers in the Western Cape ; extract from article in Landbouweekblad whereby Baboons are regarded a real threat to Karoo livestock farmers ; clarification on a misconception that Porcupines eat water pipes because they are thirsty and an article on the first AgriSETA accredited course on predation, presented by Niel Viljoen in KZN.  Read here.

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