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April 2021 Newsletter

In the April edition, organisations, organised structures, specialists and manufacturers who are directly impacted by predation, were invited to apply as members of PMSA.  

Niel Viljoen, representing the PMSA, together with Cape Nature and the Karoo National Park was part of an inspection team of KNP'S game fence, to make recommendations on possible upgrades of the fence to meet Cape Nature provincials standards. 

Mobile applications (apps) as tools in predation management programmes are available to record predation losses and management.


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March 2021 Newsletter

An interesting read from the pen of Dr. Sam Ferreira, large mammal ecologist for SANParks, on the impact that lions may have on the livelihoods of people who live next to reserves and national parks. 

Leaflets on Predators can be obtained from the Predation Management Centre  (PMC) website - the March newsletter focusses on Leopards. 

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February 2021 Newsletter

The February newsletter informs the reader on proposed research on bush pig behaviour and potential solutions to reduce damage.  Farmers are encouraged to report scenes and exposure to sheep scab in jackal. 

This month, the Predation Management Centre (PMC) focuses on leaflets on damage causing stray dogs.

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January 2021 Newsletter

The January newsletter shares the experience of Prins Albert farmer Joseph Steyn in his quest to find a new predator control method by using drones.  

The Predation Management Centre (PMC) has sourced several studies on predators and predation management.  This month they describe some of the most common lethal and non-lethal methods to reduce predation on livestock by caracals. 

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December 2020 Newsletter

The December newsletter wishes all its readers a Blessed Christmas, make mention that Niel Viljoen represented PMSA to inspect fencing around the Karoo National Parks with SANParks and Cape Nature, following complaints of damage causing animals, including lions, escaping the park.  The Predation Management Centre (PMC) avail information leaflets on predators, this month focusing on the feeding patters of the Caracal. 

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Newsletter November 2020

The November newsletter welcomes newly appointed GM of WRSA to the PMSA structures ; how research priorities have changed from Jackal and Caracal to Stray dogs, Baboons and Bushpigs, requesting research and tertiary institutions as well as research structures within agricultural commodities to consider, pursue and/or fund these priorities ; livestock farmers are invited to take part in a predation survey and the Predation Management Centre (PMC) avail leaflets on predators, specifically the reproduction cycle of the Caracal. 

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