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November 2018

The November newsletter announces the launch of the Scientific Assessment for Livestock Predation, a historic first for predation management in South Africa ; NWGA Free State Executive member Anton Marx shares why electric fencing has proven successful under his unique farming conditions and circumstances and the Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) encourages farmers to record predation losses on a newly developed cellphone APP.  

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October 2018

The October newsletter shares the successful practice of alpacas as effective herd animals to protect farmer Pieter Albertyn of Struisbaai against predators ; Scientific Assessment of Livestock predation and it's management in South Africa to be released soon ; read article by Prof. HO De Waal on the Demography and morphometry of black-backed jackals in SA and Namibia.  

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September 2018

The September newsletter speaks on the urgency of purchasing jackal proof fencing at reduced rates ; Farmer Erik Alexander of Trompsburg tells why he uses jackal proof fencing to keep predators at bay ; 2018 Northern Cape Farmer of the Year mentions that the electrification of camps provides for an increase in lam percentage and we show you what the toolbox consist of when managing predators. 

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August 2018

The August newsletter portrays the views of Dorothee Trollip in the Maclear district of no predation losses thanks to anatolian sheep dogs ; what services one can find at the Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) and reasons why predation losses decrease at demonstration farms. 

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July 2018

The July newsletter comprise of articles relating to the Eastern Cape PMF who are concerned with leopards and stray dogs ; presentation by Dr. Nkabeng Maruping-Mzileni of the International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation (IWFF) on a leopard project that could assist authorities in decision making and Mr. Swithan Webster who farms in Queenstown shares his success story in curbing predation with netted fences.  Read here

June 2018

June newsletter comprise articles that Scientific Assessment of predation has been completed, the fact that predation is a serious issue for woolgrowers and a request for farmers to share successful predation management practices with the Secretariat.  Read here

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