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October 2021 Newsletter

In the October newsletter, Niel Viljoen elaborates on the schedule of a 4-day predation training course for 12 students from Marlow Agricultural School.  We once again dig deeper into Niel Viljoen's Livestock and Predation Management Programme report where he explains extraordinary results in predation losses over a period of 13 years. We discover another tool in the predation toolbox, and the acceptance of provincial conservation authorities for the training and use of the Silent Solution (poison firing apparatus).  PMSA is now officially part of the Wildlife Forum and Predation management is now part of the modules at the University of Free State.  We also look at a recent paper presenting the outcome of a study to develop and test an electrified fence to confine leopards. 

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September 2021 Newsletter

The September newsletter addresses questions by farmers relating to Niel Viljoen's report on Livestock and Predation Management Programme (Monitor farms), which researcher hail as "the longest living data on predation research in South Africa".  The position statement by the Livestock Welfare Coordinating Committee (LWCC) regarding welfare issues was accepted by PMSA. A brief report on predation information day held in Ermelo as well as predation training for farmers and farm workers in Jansenville by accredited professional hunter, Taffie Mulder. 

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August 2021 Newsletter

The August 2021 newsletter reports on the first AGM of PMSA, as the constitution requires the presentation of an annual report and audited financial statements. Niel du Preez are introduced as the newly elected chairman and retiring chairman Guillau du Toit highlights some of the processes and activities during 2020/21.  PMSA welcomes SANParks on their structures and the NWGA and RPO are thanked for their financial support of the extensive predation training programme of the NWGA through Niel Viljoen.  We also list a namelist of accredited professional hunters. 

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July 2021 Newsletter

The July newsletter contains a casual chat by PMSA chairman, Guillau du Toit, elaborates on the attempt of PMSA to become involved with legislation through the Wildlife Forum, and expresses joy by Eastern Cape Farmers who received a hunting permit to track down a leopard in the Steyterville area.  

We ask the opinion of predation specialist Niel Viljoen on the non-transparent proposed amendments to the Firearms Act and accentuates that predation training is essential to minimise losses. 

The Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) uploaded an updated version of "Predation management in South Africa - historical milestones" to their website. 

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June 2021 Newsletter

The June newsletter features the successes of the 27 predation monitor farms distributed throughout the 6 provinces.  Full report by Predation specialist Niel Viljoen is available here  An article by further elaborates on the annual report relating to monitor farms. 

The Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) compiled leaflets on a series of predators and this month, they focus on the diet and feeding ecology of leopards in South Africa. 

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May 2021 Newsletter

The May newsletter touches on the latest report from Niel Viljoen and his 13-year journey with predation monitor farms and the extraordinary results obtained from the integrated livestock predation management programme and the impact of management on both livestock and predators. 

The Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) uploaded an updated version of "Predation management in South Africa - historical milestones" to their website. 

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