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April 2019

The April edition portrays a positive international perspective on Pred SA (Scientific Assessment) and a link provides interesting reading on why Jackals thrive where humans dominate.  Read here

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March 2019

The March newsletter focuses on Niel Viljoen's 2018 annual report, which echoes the scientific assessment that there is no single "silver bullet" for predation management.  Read here.  

Desember 2018

The December edition portrays a Christmas greeting, refers you to a link on the PMF website to view and consider best practices and management plans to address losses as well as a reply to Mpumalanga farmer seeking assistance with a massive problem with jackal attacking calves and even killing a calving cow.  Read here.  

November 2018

The November newsletter announces the launch of the Scientific Assessment for Livestock Predation, a historic first for predation management in South Africa ; NWGA Free State Executive member Anton Marx shares why electric fencing has proven successful under his unique farming conditions and circumstances and the Predation Management Information Centre (PMiC) encourages farmers to record predation losses on a newly developed cellphone APP.  

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